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5 Adobe Premiere TRANSITIONS Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 Tutorial

One thing I have been complemented on a lot as of late is my use of transitions in my YouTube videos. I have seen a lot of people create transition packs and videos and I wanted to enter that realm and create a way that you can use transitions in your own videos in very efficient ways. A lot of those methods require you to merge clips and create Nested Sequences and can mess up your workflow if you need to go back and make changes.


(Please note, some of the GIFs below look all sorts of ugly because I only know how to export them via Photoshop to loop like this and be under 20MB, if you know a better way feel free to let me know, but for the purpose of just simply showing the transitions, the colors don't matter.)


Transition #1/2

The first transition is a swipe, I have these combined because one is left to right and the other right to left. The effect of this swipe is to act as it there is a camera operator swiping the camera from one side to the other.



Transition #3

This one is my favorite, it gives a bit of a glitch effect without any RGB Split. The effect is created by rolling the screen over itself, so by forcing the screen to roll over more times than there are frames in the transition, it looks like a really effective glitch.



Transition #4

This one is kind of nestolgic for me. Back in the day I always used the CC Lens effect from Adobe After Effects. This transition gives the effects of the screen and frame rolling off the sides, similar to how a light directly in front of you rolls off your face, then before you know it you are taken into the next shot.



Transition #5

The zooming effects are pretty popular these days among editors. A lot of them create the effects by scaling down and mirroring the frame so it gives the effect of being taken into the next shot. I was able to create this effect to zoom in and then back out without needing to replicate the screen, a more authentic looking transition in my opinion.


I hope these will be beneficial to you in your videos and I encourage everyone who uses these to send me the videos you feature them in so I can see! If you did watch the video, which i highly suggest you do, you will notice how I use them in my own videos and how effective they can be.


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