Logitech G513 Review

Logitech G513 Review

The first thing I noticed when I started gaming with the Logitech G513 is how comfortable it is, from the Romer-G Linear Switches to the included memory foam palmrest I was able to game for hours with absolute comfort. The travel distance of the keys and reaction from the switches felt smooth and accurate with any game I played, be it an MMO, or a First Person Shooter. I was then amazed with how quiet the keyboard is. Having tried many different switch types over the years, right away I noticed how much quieter this keyboard is compared to my other switch styles.

I do however with the USB Passthrough was USB 3.0 and not USB 2.0. While Logitech does mention the port is designed more for charging and using their wireless mice (I currently use the port for my G903 wireless adapter), it would have been nice to see how a USB 3.0 could have worked for a better transition into it being a USB Hub potentially with a lot faster data transfer speeds for creatives like myself to plug in, say, and SD Card reader and get access to all of those transfer speeds and swapping the SD Cards in and out right at your keyboard.

One thing I didn't mention in the review is the lack of a NUM LOCK light. As someone who uses the NUMPAD for gaming (World of Warcraft specifically with Logitech's G600 mouse) I need to know when the NUMLOCK is on so I know I will be using my abilities in tight situations!

What are your thoughts on this keyboard? It drops March 30th, 2018 are you going to order one?

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