Increase Your Social Media Traffic Using Instagram Stories

Increase Your Social Media Traffic Using Instagram Stories


As Instagram rolls out newer features, I am finding amazing ways to use them to my advantage. One feature, although not one of the newest, is the ability to create stories with links. While yes this feature is only for users with 10,000 followers or more (currently), anybody can use stories and their newer feature within stories, Highlights, to their advantage to drive traffic to not only their business or website, but any content they would create.

Snapchat has been under a lot of fire lately with their recent updates and a lot of users are switching to Instagram for their photo sharing needs. While it seems like one is always trying to become the other, Instagram stories remain an amazing way to create traffic to your work.

As you see in the video, I hop into Photoshop to create this image:

I was able to use a Chrome Extension to capture the entire blog post and save it as an image to be edited further into what you see above.  I like to keep these posts in a vertical portrait mode and in a 9:16 format, as most phones (iPhones more specifically) are in a 9:16 screen format.

Using this method, I was able to convert ~10% of my story viewers to my blog post, which contains links to my YouTube Channel, and other social media outlets, which can lead to numerous other benefits for your platforms.

For those who cannot post links in their stories, you can use your Photoshopping Skills to create the image to redirect to another place, be it the link in your bio, or alike. You can then make Highlights of these stories so they are always on your profile and as your audience grows, by nature, so will clicks on the highlight.

I hope this was insightful for everyone and I can start seeing you all utilize every social media platform to enhance your experience online. Feel free to check out the video linked above, I made a pretty slick cinematic for your viewing pleasures and I would appreciate any eyes on it I can grab.


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