GFUEL Sour Cherry Release

GFUEL Energy Sour Cherry NEW Flavor

Today marks the release of the NEW GFUEL Energy flavor, Sour Cherry! In the video above, you can see my first reaction taste test to the flavor. I found it quite amazing! It is a lot more in your face than most GFUEL flavors, without being too much. People who are fans of sour flavors will find this perfect for your taste buds. It doesn't make you pucker up like a Warheads might, but you can absolutely tell there is a sour tone to it. I after recording the video added an extra half of a scoop to my shaker (I had too much water) and really fell in love with the flavor even more! Now I am going to say, I know how Cherry flavors can become a little 'cough syrup-y' but know this, GFUEL's Sour Cherry Flavor does not come close in any regard to tasting like a nasty cough syrup. I allowed my parents to try the flavor as well, my mother said hands down this is her new favorite flavor and took a shaker full to work with her today, and my father (who to me claims every fruity flavor tastes like cough syrup) never once brought that up and enjoyed it as well (he doesn't typically like fruity flavors).

Feel free to try this flavor at 10% off with codes DIDS (mine) or GAMERGIRL (my Fiancees) at THIS LINKFeel free to let me know how you like the flavor in the comments here, on the YouTube video shown above, or on my Twitter


Here are some photos I took for the release: